Transmax Resveratrol and Stemulite

Transmax Resveratrol when taken with Stemulite Fitness Formula is a very powerful combination and I recommend it highly - Matthew Wagner

Transmax Resveratrol is the key to a long, healthy life

There is a lot of talk today about Transmax Resveratrol being one of the best ways to fight the effects of aging and ward off disease. WebMD says: “Resveratrol helps reduce inflammation, prevents the oxidation of  LDL "bad"  cholesterol, and makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together and form the clots that can lead to a  heart attack.” (, May 14, 2010). But this great product does much more.

For those at risk for Alzheimer’s, Transmax Resveratrol is known for its ability to prevent the buildup of plaque and prevent the nerve cell damage that can lead to this disease. It also helps to stave off insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. Studies at Harvard Medical Center, The Albert Einstein School of Medicine and The Stanford Center for Longevity illuminate the importance of Resveratrol in fighting off cancer-causing mutagens and encourage healthy cell growth.

Found naturally in red wine (specifically in the skin of the red grapes used to make the wine), resveratrol is also found in berries, peanuts and plants such as the knotweed which can be found in Japan and China. Resveratrol is a member of a group of plant compounds called polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidant properties and their ability to fight cancer and heart disease.

Researchers believe that resveratrol activates the SIRT1 gene (known as the longevity gene) which is a biological mechanism that protects the body against the harmful effects of obesity and the diseases of aging. Transmax Resveratrol also activates the cellular pathways that encourage less calorie intake.

And there are a number of additional benefits:
• More
Reduced appetite and food cravings
Improved mood
• Restful, rejuvenating sleep
Better mental concentration and alertness
• Increased and more active metabolism

supplement provides a full daily dosage in a single capsule. 
Transmax Trans-Resveratrol